Organizations working in high-compliance industries — energy, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. — know all too well the level to which they and their employees' actions are scrutinized. Every element of your staff’s training and the work they perform must be recorded, verified and validated. And for good reason; employing safe processes leads to a more efficient and safer work environment. But keeping track of the paper for these processes can bring a business to its knees. Printing forms is costly; and filling them out is slow. Then hiring staff to perform data-entry is both costly AND slow. If you’re using multiple spreadsheets and quasi-compatible software packages your business may be digital, but it isn’t necessarily efficient. 


Our cloud-enabled mobile software platform will allow you to:

  • create your valuable corporate information inside a secure, private database

  • discover new correlations about your organization by leveraging our powerful data search tools 

  • empower your staff to communicate immediately and effortlessly

  • capture all training events and set auto-notifications about expiration

  • maintain your industry and customer compliance so you may verify and validate performance and activity ... grow profitability by removing old-world cost centers 

  • enact sustainable practices that contribute to a green, paperless world

  • transform your business into a truly modern organization  


  • Reduce form-entry time significantly — plus electronic forms are more dynamic and qualitative

  • Submitted forms arrive in real-time, are guaranteed legible and always in a consistent format

  • Critical information is captured on forms by employing required fields

  • Supervisors and staff receive updates instantly and can message “in-app” for a complete audit-able history

  • Database infrastructure provides rich data for action, analysis, validation and verification

  • Use data strategically to address incident occurrence in relation to training and re-certification

  • Audit preparation time is greatly reduced with efficient search and accurate data

  • Improved scope of control over employees’ activity in the field reduces legal liability

iOS & Web


Mobile data collection occurs on iOS: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Use any modern web browser for company management, custom form creation, data export and reporting functionality.