About FormForce

The Story

Our all-in-one business management and compliance solution didn’t start with a board meeting or a sleek tech conference. Instead, it was born from necessity.

The roots of the software can be traced back to a successful security firm headquartered in Bakersfield, California. With 500+ employees spread over seven counties, managing the company and workforce represented an enormous challenge for its small team of HR and safety compliance professionals.

Stacks of daily paperwork and the constant flow of new and departing employees complicated their clients’ requests for information and timely, specified reporting. Additionally, their service to highly regulated industries like hospitals and oil and gas firms required regular audits of training, activity, and operational and safety standards. With tens of thousands of documents to be verified and validated every few months, the process would often take six weeks or longer.

Eventually, the company’s leadership decided to look for digital solutions. They began with spreadsheets that ended up inadequate, inaccurate, and cumbersome. They then looked for pre-existing software solutions but could not find anything all-encompassing or customizable enough to meet the growing firm’s needs. They required a solution that securely stored large amounts of reporting data, preserved activity, tracked training and safety compliance, and allowed infinite searchability.

Since there wasn’t an affordable or effective third-party tool that met these criteria, they decided to develop their own. After months of development, app revisions, and extensive testing, FormForce was launched. It brought together the best elements of real-time data collection, intensive search, and cloud storage technologies. Best of all, it worked through a simple interface on web-connected devices that any employee could use.

Although FormForce was originally developed as an internal tool, it wasn’t long before colleagues and vendors started to take notice. They wanted to try the software for themselves, and a new business was formed.

Today, FormForce is a safety and compliance tool like none other. Used in over a dozen industries, it allows executives and administrators to run every aspect of their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

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