Data Security

Keep Data Safer with FormForce

In our digital world, it’s not enough to have data. You have to be able to protect it, as well.

FormForce makes it easy to store documents, generate detailed reports, and analyze information with just a few clicks. We also give you tools to protect your business from criminals, competitors, and even legal challenges. We appreciate and understand the risks involved with data storage and have taken all measures necessary to provide a highly secured platform.

We Keep You Safe from Known and Unknown Threats

Data security can feel like an afterthought until you are worried about the wrong people viewing sensitive information.

FormForce was designed and coded with these considerations in mind. Our platform features numerous robust security features, including:

  • Encrypted logins, file transfers, and online data storage to protect you from hackers
  • Cloud-based access that keeps information stored on secure servers, and never on employee devices
  • Instantaneous employee controls that allow you to activate or deactivate team member access at any time
  • Real-time documentation of events with photos, location tags, and other supporting details

These can seem like minor details until you need them. You will quickly discover that FormForce is everything hackers, thieves, and opposing attorneys don’t want to see.

Let Us Help You Rest Easy

Most customers come to us because they can’t keep up with the overwhelming flood of paperwork needed to manage HR, training, and compliance across dozens of employees or locations. With a comprehensive solution like FormForce, they come to appreciate their newly found peace of mind that wasn’t possible before its introduction.

If you want to know what it’s like to run a business or department with less stress and more confidence, contact us today to schedule a customized demo and see how we can help.