Digital Recordkeeping

FormForce Streamlines Customer and Vendor Reporting

Collecting data for internal records is important, but what about information you need to share with a client or customer? And what about follow-up reports or site assessments from your own vendors?

FormForce gives you an easy way to manage all that. We allow you to separate data by input, provider, or permission level. That means you always have the information you need at your fingertips but don’t have to worry about employees or clients seeing notes or reports that weren’t meant for them.

A Different Way to Manage Teams and Relationships

In your business, you might have customers who like to be involved with your activity and reporting and require evidence of work being completed. FormForce can help you automate all necessary records and make them easy to search, analyze, or reproduce as needed. Within our software platform you’ll find tools that let you do things like:

  • See work that has been submitted by employees or vendors in real time, along with any supporting documents, photos, or details they provide
  • Include approval buttons when needed so you can sign off on reports before they are shared with customers
  • Use messaging tools that allow you to communicate directly with customers or vendors without starting new email chains

Imagine how many hundreds of hours you can save if you didn’t need to waste time on routine reporting… all while improving your relationships with each of your customers and suppliers at the same time.

Stop Losing Staff Time to Redundant Communications

With the customer and vendor reporting features built into FormForce, you can stop the endless phone calls and email chains relating to routine reports and checkups. All relevant data (including photos, notes, signatures, and time/location stamps) is accessible to your customers in real time. Say goodbye to long hours sending reports – with FormForce, it all happens automatically!

To see how this looks in a live business setting, simply contact us today to schedule a free customized demo.