Legal Professionals

FormForce Helps Efficiently Resolve Your Daily Challenges

You want the organizations you represent to protect themselves with the right records and documents. However, most business owners, executives, and department managers are overwhelmed with too many other tasks to stay on top of paperwork. They regularly fall behind on administrative duties, leaving them exposed to claims of improper procedure, employee negligence, and more.

FormForce helps alleviate these concerns. Not only does it give your clients advanced tools for document management, but also an easy interface for managing and storing those files. In other words, it fills in the holes that are traditionally associated with recordkeeping, making our software invaluable during audits and litigation.

FormForce Is Like Kryptonite for Opposing Counsel

Businesses are always at risk of being targeted by dissatisfied customers, current or former employees, and even governmental agencies. With FormForce, your clients can prove they have operated their companies or departments by the book. Our easy-to-use web-based software solution includes:

  • Tools that allow employers to track employment credentials, verify staff activities, and capture training and certification histories
  • A comprehensive document management platform that allows users to create and modify custom forms
  • The flexibility to incorporate checklists, waivers, signatures, and more within digital documents
  • The ability to generate detailed reports with times, dates, confirmed locations, and media clips (photos, video, or audio) when needed
  • Detailed incident reporting that can allow users to follow pre-defined steps and capture crucial information (such as photos or statements) in real time

Legal professionals love us because we make it possible for their clients to follow the advice they have been giving for years. It’s the perfect way to keep fines and auditors at a distance.

Let FormForce Keep Your Clients Protected

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