Document Management

FormForce Revolutionizes Document Management

Imagine having one tool you could use to create documents, share them with your team, and update them in real time… and do it all with virtually unlimited and secure cloud storage. That’s the power of FormForce.

The Right Kind of Paper Cut

Having stacks of paper can be a huge burden. If you can no longer deal with collecting, storing, and organizing thousands of paper records for years on end, then we can help.

FormForce offers a digital solution to the age-old problem of managing documents. Use it to create new forms and store all at once. Best of all, it’s completely adaptable. You can use it to do things like:

  • Create and edit forms that can be shared with employees, vendors, and customers as needed
  • Allow users to input data through typing, drop-down lists, and pre-qualified field types
  • Instantly collect field data, including voice-to-text memos, videos, audio recordings, annotated photos, date- and time-stamped signatures, geolocation tags, and supporting documents
  • See real-time reports on submissions across any project, location, or employee
  • Filter access based on permission levels so you control who has access to information, and when and where they can see it

If you’ve been managing HR, compliance, training, or other paperwork-intensive tasks without FormForce, then our software is about to change everything about your work.

With Formforce, the power and flexibility to collect and manage data is in your hands. Contact us today to set up a free customized demo to learn more.